Breunsbach Family Endowed Scholarship

Purpose: To provide financial assistance to students with some college experience but who have an interruption in their pursuit of education. The Breunsbach family understands that life often presents situations which interrupt an individual’s plan to pursue their education. All too often, students begin their advanced education and have to quit school for various reasons. This endowment provides a helping hand for those individuals whose quest for education has not been extinguished, but whose circumstances temporarily put them on the educational sidelines. The Breunsbach recognize the importance and value of the community college and how well suited the programs are to helping students reintegrate and pursue their goals. They believe the value of a community begins with the education of one individual who will likely inspire future generations of their own.

Applicant must:
-Be a resident of Clackamas County
-Have a 2.5 GPA
-6 or more credits per term
-Preference will be given to working parents who are graduates of North Clackamas School District.

Breunsbach Family Endowment