Baldwin van der Bijl Computer Science Endowed Scholarship

Purpose: To support CCC students that are studying Computer Science. At six years of age Baldwin’s family emigrated from Holland to America. In 1978 Baldwin became a Clackamas Community College instructor in math and computer science. He arrived at a time when personal computers were new on the scene. In 1985 he helped establish the Computer Science Department and served as chair from 1985 to 1998. He witnessed the speed at which computer science changes both in theory and in equipment. It was this observation that led him to establish the Computer Science Endowment. Upon Baldwin’s retirement as Vice President of Instruction in 2008 the endowment was re-named in his honor. Baldwin is a firm believer in the mission of community colleges, the opportunity they provide to students, and the open door policy to all who yearn to learn.

Applicant must:
-Study Computer Science
-Have a 2.5 GPA
-6 of more credits per term

Baldwin Van der Bijl
Computer Science