Dick Andrews Memorial Endowed Scholarship

Purpose: To provide financial assistant to students attending CCC. At the time of Mr. Andrews’ death in 1992, he was a member of the Clackamas Community College faculty. Mr. Andrews served Clackamas Community College in many capacities beginning in 1966 as a member of the original Board of Education. Mr. Andrews joined the English faculty in 1971 and also worked with the wrestling team for years as its chief fundraiser and mentor. Mr. Andrews had been a pastor for, and was very active with, the Beavercreek United Church of Christ. Mr. Andrews had a long-time interest in the Spanish language and a variety of Spanish and Hispanic cultures. He worked and studied in Costa Rica, C.A., and tutored and mentored Hispanic and Central American students.

Applicant must:
-Have a 2.5 GPA
-Full-time enrollment

Dick Andrews Memorial Endowment